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"Helping Keep Your Employees and Workplace Safe Since 1991!"

Employee Drug Testing ♦ Reducing Workers' Compensation Claims ♦ Supervisor Training ♦ Respirator Exams ♦ Background Checks

Employee Drug Testing

We Serve All Cities, All 50 U.S. States

Employee drug testing has been our core business at OHS Inc. since 1991. Our workplace drug testing clients include companies with 2-3 employees to more than 30,000. Today, we proudly still serve our very first 1991 client!

The six types: Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, Post-Accident, plus Return-to-Duty and Follow-Up Testing make for a solid Drug-Free Workplace program

Workers' Compensation

Reducing Your Workers' Comp Claims

Our proprietary pre-placement physical evaluation determines whether your job candidates are physically fit to do the job SAFELY- without injury. Our strategy will dramatically reduce the frequency of your Workers' Comp claims!

Helping you prevent employee workplace injuries before they can happen is how we work to reduce Workers' Compensation claims for your company by up to 69%

DOT Supervisor Training

Reasonable Suspicion Training

Our Supervisor Training is fully DOT-compliant. This two hours of "Reasonable Suspicion" training is a federal requirement for supervisors of DOT-regulated personnel. But, OHS Inc. strongly recommends it for all supervisors!

This online program is "Reasonable Suspicion" training at its very best, most convenient, and most cost-effective for your company to help insure workplace safety

OSHA Respirator Exams

OSHA-Compliant Exam & Certification

Federal OSHA standard 1910.134 requires a medical survey of all employees that use a respirator in the workplace. Take our OSHA-compliant exam in English or Spanish, online or use our 800# IVR program, anytime 24/7!

Respirator Exams are just one of multiple Workplace Safety services that OHS Inc. provides to companies nationwide- one provider, one invoice, makes your life simple

The USA, Canada, and OHS Inc.

In the USA and Canada, OHS Inc. serves more than 1,700 small and large companies. Yet, we treat each and every one of them as our "#1" client!

Our Mission Statement since launch in 1991 continues in 2014: "OHS Inc. will endeavor to earn our clients' loyalty year-after-year by providing each of them with exceptional service day-after-day." OHS Inc. is a family-owned California S-corporation headquartered in Southern California's beautiful Orange County and with offices in Jacksonville, FL, managed by our son. Thanks to a truly outstanding operations, customer service, and IT staff, we can easily provide exceptional workplace safety services to companies throughout all 50 U.S. states and Canada. We do so with a strong, professional commitment to reducing employee injuries and improving safety in their workplace.

OHS Inc. and Local Youths at Risk

OHS Inc. cares about our community, and keeping local families drug-free. So, we help families where it counts the most!

OHS Inc. provides random drug testing services at our cost, to any parent who brings their child to our Costa Mesa offices for testing. As parents (and grandparents) ourselves, we want the best for our children. We've learned that testing children randomly strongly enables them to resist today's tougher-than-ever peer pressure (i.e., "I can't!  My parents drug test me!"). Random testing helps protect them from losing focus in school, and helps keep them on a drug-free, brain-healthy path to responsible adulthood. According to MedicineNet, in 2013 15% of 8th graders, 32% of 10th graders, and 40% of 12th graders had tried "illicit" drugs. It's never too early to begin testing!