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Background Checks

Employee-candidate background checks are vital to a SAFE hiring process.

Background checks protect your employees, your company, and your company's customers and vendors!

Background checks YOU perform online are here! Easy! Fast! Inexpensive! (Check our low, low rates, below!) Having the 24/7 ability to quickly run background checks on all your new-hires BEFORE PLACEMENT is a must-have, must-do hiring tool!

NO software to load! NO monthly subscription fees! Pay ONLY for the background categories you actually search! (Do we make this slam-dunk-easy for you, or what?)

Background checks are simple for you to run online. You can learn how in under 10 minutes! Using your special I.D. and password, you can easily run your own background checks from any Internet-accessible computer- anytime 24/7, day or night - from anywhere in the world!

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Our Search Packages INCLUDE a SSN Allocation Search FREE of Charge.
Core Criminal Package Name: Standard Background Check Standard Background Check with Federal Comprehensive County Criminal Background Check Comprehensive Background Check with Federal
Our discounted rates, Effective October 3, 2019:







Searches included in each package:        
Address History & AKA Locator, First County Included – 7 year Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor included included included included
National Criminal Database & National Sex Offender
included included included included
Federal District Criminal Search
(1 District)
7 Year Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor (All counties revealed in Address History Locator or Credit Report)     included included
7 Year Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor (All Federal Districts revealed in Address History Locator or Credit Report)      



  • County Criminal 
    (Per Additional AKA): $10.62
  • Statewide Criminal 
    (1 Name/1 State): $10.15
  • State Prison Record Search 
    (1 Name/1 State): $9.37
  • Federal District Criminal Record Search
    (1 Name/1 District): $8.56
  • Civil Search: County Civil Record Search 
    (Upper / Lower Courts,1 Name): $18.49
  • Motor Vehicle Record Search 
    (Per State): $5.87
  • Education Verification 
    (1 Institution): $10.46
  • Employment Verification 
    (1 Employer): $10.46
  • Employment Verification –DOT 
    (Added Fee per Employer): $14.30
  • International Employment Verification 
    (1 Country): $37.70
  • International Education Verification 
    (1 Country): $37.70
  • Personal Reference Check 
    (1 Reference): $12.76
  • Professional License / Credential Verification 
    (1 License): $9.74
  • Sanction Verification 
    (Multiple Options): $3.78
  • Workers Compensation Record Check 
    (Per State): $10.28


*Per each person, not per each search category (NOT normally needed, unless YOU are really rushed!)

PLEASE NOTE: Only “some” (not all) county, state, or federal agencies add “Applicable fees”. Every background checks provider pays the exact same fees to these agencies. OHS passes these charges - if any - through to you at our cost, without any additional mark-up!

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