About our “Youth at Risk” and “Parents Taking Action” Programs

We are proud of the “Youth at Risk” and “Parents Taking Action” programs OHS, Inc. created to serve our community.

The mission of these two related programs is:

  • To enlighten parents to the high degree of existing drug threats and daily peer-pressures to use drugs faced by their children
  • To help the parents become and stay PRO-ACTIVE in protecting their children from the temptations and the devastation of drug-abuse
  • To equip parents with the tools to be EFFECTIVE in keeping their children drug-free
  • To enable parents to provide their children with the incentive to think twice before “trying” drugs and an excuse to say, “No!” to the peer-pressure from others to try or use drugs (“I can’t. My parents randomly drug test me!” )

Our “Youth at Risk” and “Parents Taking Action” programs are an ongoing community service of OHS Health & Safety Services, Inc. They include a special “random” drug testing program for the children of more than 200 Orange County area families that now routinely visit our offices. Your children’s drug tests will always be provided at our cost, and, teenage/young adult drug-abuse deterrence counseling is provided free to parents. 

If you are a parent, please take the 4-5 minutes necessary to read this important article:

"Why Drug Test Your Children?"