OSHA-Required Respirator Exam and Certification
by OHS Health & Safety Services, Inc.

   OSHA mandates medical exams for all employees requiring even "occasional" use of a respirator.

   OHS Inc. offers an OSHA-compliant Respirator Exam and Certification that can be taken 24/7 online
or by phone, in English or Spanish, in 7-9 minutes!

  The OSHA
respirator exam administered by OHS, Inc. is:

► 100% OSHA-compliant
►  Available to examinees 24/7
►  Presented online or by 800# call-in phone
►  Offered in English and Spanish (examinee's choice)
►  Only $25.00 per examinee (volume discounts available)

FAST, TOO:  Takes just 7-9 minutes to complete, whether taken online or by phone!
Respirator Exam Certifications of Completion are issued by email normally within 1-2 business hours!

OSHA-Compliant Respirator Exam and Certification 

HERE'S A BIG OHS INC. PLUS: 97-98% of your employees taking our respirator exam will NOT have to be sent by you to a clinic for an expensive Pulmonary Function Test (PFT). Exam and certify your personnel through OHS Inc. and avoid that extra time and extra expense!

Our "online" and "IVR" respirator exam and certification programs both offer you and your employees:

Convenience: If your employees have web-enabled computer, a land-line phone or smartphone access available, they do NOT need to leave the job site. Our OSHA-compliant Respirator Medical exam Questionnaire is available in English and Spanish. Respirator medical exams include for ALL brands and ALL types of respirators (per OSHA Standard 29CFR1910.134)

Speed: Quick computer log-in or fast toll-free 800# dial-in. If preferred, your employees can access and utilize the online exam or our exclusive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) exam. Either way, it takes only seven to nine minutes to complete the respirator exam questionnaire

Consistency: All employees are evaluated using the same expanded OSHA-compliant medical survey

Management: If indicated by respirator exam results, a further examination and Pulmonary Function Test is arranged through a facility local to your employee's physical location (Required for only about 2-3% or fewer (3 or fewer out of every 100) of all respirator exams. If the respirator exam results determine that a PFT is required, it can be arranged by OHS, Inc. for your employee - locally, anywhere - in the U.S.

Our Respirator Medical Exams: As Easy As "1-2-3" for you...AND for your employees!

1. The employer's representative (as "Administrator") calls OHS, Inc. at 1.800.456.4647 ext. 203 to receive a user name, password, and company code.

2. "Online" at our secure website, the employer/Administrator then "registers" each employee to be tested and completes "checkboxes" describing the respirator type, the work being done, and conditions under which the respirator(s) is/are used.

3. Anytime at all, 24/7, your registered employees can then log on to our secure web site - or dial-in to an 800# (if using our IVR system). Using your company's code, they make their own choice of taking the exam in English or Spanish, then confidentially fill out an online questionnaire - or verbally, they answer all questions by IVR.  Either way, it's immediately electronically submitted to our offices for exam review. Per OSHA regulations, employees have access to OHS, Inc. physicians to ask any questions.

Employer's Administrator AND employee receive email notification of his/her respirator exam and use status, normally within 1-2 business hours, after completion of the respirator exam questionnaire. (An occasional delay occurs when the employee needs to be contacted by phone to clarify one or more answers before the respirator exam results can be completed.)

Our OHSinc.com home page "Client Login" menu allows employers to confidentially access and review all evaluated employees alphabetically, to search by respirator exam results or certifications by location, the type of respirator worn, or to search for a specific employee. Additional available information includes: date respirator exam questionnaire completed, employee respirator status (cleared, pending review, denied, etc.).