How OHS Inc. helped a Fortune 1000

company SAVE $540,000 in Workers'

Compensation claims payouts!*

Quick answer: We reduced their Workers' Comp injury claims by 69.0%!

  *A detailed eight pages report verifying above - prepared by above company, not by OHS - is available upon request.

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Do you know these TWO amazing-but-true FACTS about Workers' Compensation claims?!? 

1. "Fully 75.6% of an average company’s Workers’ Comp claims and costs are caused by only 7.4% of the average company’s workforce!"  (Quebec International Task Force 1994)
2. "A worker's injury risk is particularly elevated among those in the first month on the job.  The NEWLY-HIRED are 3x more at risk of having an injury than workers WITH 12 MONTHS OR MORE job experience." (Institute for Work & Health report 2008)        

Reducing Workers' Compensation claims by cutting down workers' injuries is an insurmountable challenge for most companies.  Is that true of yours? 

OHS Inc. can help you dramatically reduce your frequency of Workers' Compensation claims through our exclusive field-tested and field-proven WorkFit System!

The WorkFit System will reduce your on-the-job injuries by specifically targeting your "NEW-HIRES".  How?  And why?  

Immediately following your conditional offer of employment to the candidate, the WorkFit System will comprehensively evaluate each new-hire's overall physical fitness. Exactly following all ADA guidelines and requirements, our WorkFit evaluation specifically targets and measures the candidate's ability to perform the specific physical functions of the specific applied-for position SAFELY- i.e., without INJURING themselves!  

This highly targeted method provides a definitive, economical, and effective way to screen out those job candidates with a high-risk of early injury due to otherwise unknown physical limitations.

It is your NEW-HIRES - with otherwise "unknown" physical limitations - that will most likely sustain an early (within their first three months) on-the-job injury.  Especially in very large companies, It is your NEW-HIRES  - during their first 3-6 months on the job that make up the majority of your on-the-job injuries and Workers' Compensation and other medical claims and costs, year after year after year.

Our WorkFit System evaluation report - in layman's language - will assist you in consistently making SAFER placement decisions.  You will always know - in advance - if your new-hire is a good "SAFE" placement prospect, OR instead if you should consider placing them only "with accommodation", OR not place them at all!  

Exactly like drug testing and background checks, a requirement to "pass" a physical evaluation CAN BE a "condition of employment" recognized and accepted by both the ADA and the EEOC!

Utilizing our physical screening method enables you to simplify and shorten the placement decision process and to consistently make SAFE job placements for each and every one of the new employees added to your workforce.  With our system, you will KNOW - in advance of their placement - IF any "reasonable accommodation(s)" may be necessary for a new employee (if actually "placed") to perform one or more "marginal" functions of the job. Knowing and acting upon this fact BEFORE placing them helps them to AVOID incurring (without such accommodations) an early on-the-job injury because of a pre-existing physical limitation!  Further, if their physical screen indicates that - given the "essential" physical requirements of the job - essentially, they are "an injury waiting to happen". You can easily decide whether or not to actually place them in the job. Like drug testing or background checks, "passing" a physical evaluation is an acceptable "condition of employment" by the ADA and EEOC.(Yes: What you do NOT know about a job candidate's pre-existing physical condition can hurt you- and cost you.) 

Reducing Workers' Compensation claims with our unique system is field-proven to work!  How? Our Workers' Compensation cost-containment system identifies, quantifies, and advises you of any pre-existing physical condition(s) of your new-hires that can lead to their injuring themselves in your workplace.  Our system ensures that you DO know of any such limitations AND it enables you to determine WHAT to consider in "accommodatingthem to prevent their injury.  Bottom line, and simply put: our system helps you to make SAFE placement decisions for your new-hires EVERY time!  It is protecting your new-hires, especially, that is THE key to ultimately reducing the bulk of on-the-job injuries and, thus, to reducing the frequency of your Workers' Compensation claims!



The WorkFit System℠
Is your new-hire physically fit for a new duty without exacerbating an old injury at your expense? The WorkFit System℠ will let you know!

Research confirms that - variable to the degree of physical effort and stress associated with the position - from 10% to 15% of job candidates have a prior medical history of physical limitations that might affect their SAFE performance of a new job position. It is this 10-15% of new-hires, if placed - but not "properly" so (i.e., "reasonably accommodated") - that often succumb to an early on-the-job injury that results in an early (within first 180 days) Workers' Compensation claim!  Further, these "early" injuries often are NOT SOLELY the hiring company's fault. A new-hire's early injury in your workplace is sometimes simply an exacerbation of a previous on-the-job injury incurred while working for a previous employer. 

YOUR BIG QUESTION: how do you determine and document - BEFORE you actually place them in your workforce - whether a job candidate has, e.g., a "bad back", "heart condition", "limited range of motion", or other physical limitation?  Finding that out AFTER placing a new-hire in the applied-for position is too late!  Your hiring managers are NOT qualified (NOR legally permitted) to physically assess job candidates.  So what is the answer? 

OUR ANSWER: The WorkFit System℠, our post-offer pre-placement physical evaluation. It answers that BIG QUESTION for you. You will know the answer before you make the costly mistake of placing a new-hire - with pre-existing physical limitations - into a position that will likely (1) cause them injury and (2) cost you still another Workers' Compensation claim! 

Further, The WorkFit System℠ establishes written documentation for your personnel files of any/all pre-existing physical conditions that were present at the time you placed a new-hire that later incurs (or claims) an injury.  Having such health-history documentation on file is critical!  It serves as the support you need to petition for reducing any later claim's settlement amount against your company through "apportionment" (i.e., if the injury was to the same body part and of the same type that first incurred on-the-job at a previous company, their previous employer will sometimes be held liable to pay a percentage of the total dollar award levied against your company).

WorkFit℠ also serves to help protect your company against bogus claims for an "on-the-job" injury that was actually the result of an "off-the-job" injury.  To often, bogus "on-the-job" injury claims by an employee are made for injuries sustained, instead, while snow skiing, surfboarding, mountain biking, playing in a local baseball or football league, or other highly-physical personal activity they participate in on weekends or while on their vacation.  But, HOW do you know?  (YES, it IS possible for The WorkFit System℠ to help you determine that and help your company defend against a bogus on-the-job injury Workers' Compensation claim.  Ask us how!)

Reducing Workers' Compensation claims means lowering Workers' Compensation costs. WorkFit℠ WILL do that!

  • WorkFit℠ will enable you to consistently make CORRECT and SAFE placement decision, resulting in fewer injuries by your new-hires and reducing Workers Compensation claims. 
  • You do NOT need to be a doctor or "medically" qualified in any way in order to interpret our reports; presented in easy-to-understand "layperson" terms.
  • WorkFit℠ STRICTLY follows all ADA guidelines for making and reporting medical evaluations of a job applicant under post-offer pre-placement circumstances.
  • Our WorkFit System℠ will enable you to determine - BEFORE PLACEMENT - if your job candidates are physically fit - or unfit - per the ADA guidelines (29CFR Part 1630)- "[...]to fulfill the essential and marginal functions of the position".  
  • All WorkFit℠ collected medical information (including "filtered” health information not initially pertinent but perhaps later so) is archived for future utilization to help defend your company against any later Workers' Compensation claims.


Questions? Questions? Questions?

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Here, though, are our "Most Frequently Asked" Questions:

Can you "prove" that using The WorkFit System℠ can result in reducing Workers' Compensation claims 69.0% and lowering Workers' Compensation costs 87.6%? 

Yes we can; it's been done!  Reducing Workers Compensation claims an optimum "69.0%" is certainly an ideal goal.  Unfortunately, it requires perfect hiring and placement circumstances and WorkFit℠ will definitely help you toward that end. Here is a verifiable field-proven example: One of our WorkFit℠ subscribers - specifically: North America's (U.S./Canada) largest manufacturer and distributor of their type consumer product - DID experience a "69.0%" year-to-year result in reducing Workers' Compensation claims in a "pilot" test program.  They undertook their pilot test at their own expense and they -  not OHS Inc. - monitored their own results. Measured against the "56 to 71" different Workers' Comp claims filed against them in each of the previous five (5) years, there were only "22" claims filed in the WorkFit℠ pilot year. 

Reducing Workers' Compensation claims by fully sixty-nine percent (69.0%) also led to their lowering Workers' Compensation payouts by 87.6%.  Claims payouts of $621,000 in the previous year were reduced to only $77,000 in the WorkFit℠ pilot year.

Their total cost (or more correctly stated: their total "investment") of reducing their Workers' Compensation claims payouts by $540,000 was...$25,701! That was the exact amount OHS Inc. invoiced them for The WorkFit System℠ during their pilot program, physically evaluating 659 new-hire candidates (@ $39 each) and reducing Workers' Compensation claims payouts by more than $540,000! This company of approximately 2,700 employees shared their PowerPoint report of all those details with OHS Inc. and also gave us permission to share it with others. If you'd like to receive a full copy of the detailed, 8 pages PowerPoint summary this company prepared to monitor and document the results of their WorkFit℠ "test" program, please call OHS Inc. at 1.800.456.4647 ext. 205 (Ed Poole). Or, if you prefer, just email us using our convenient Contact page.

Does an employer have a "right" to require a pre-placement physical evaluation of a job candidate?

Yes, absolutely!  AFTER a formal "Conditional Offer of Employment" has been tendered to a job candidate, EVERY EMPLOYER HAS THE LEGAL RIGHT to require the "new-hire" to take and pass a physical evaluation as a condition of placement. 

Why is WorkFit℠ described as a Workers' Compensation claims reduction "system"?

"The WorkFit System℠" represents much more than a post-offer pre-placement physical evaluation alone. It additionally incorporates a comprehensive but simple to follow Workers’ Compensation cost-containment strategy (i.e., "system") for your company.  WorkFit℠ was developed in 1998 under the guidance of Dr. Michael Wald.  As the former Medical Director for Chevron USA, McDonnell Douglas, Blue Cross of California and other mega companies, Dr. Wald's 31 years of experience processing more than 300,000 physical evaluations formed the foundation for The WorkFit System℠.

Is WorkFit℠ legal for my company to use?

Yes, absolutely! Frankly, ANY post-offer pre-placement physical evaluation (not just our "WorkFit℠) IS legal for your company to use. That is, "as long as" its methods FULLY COMPLY with all ADA guidelines for such evaluations. Our WorkFit System℠ does that, 100%!

Really?  How can I be certain The WorkFit System℠ is 100% ADA and 100% EEOC compliant?  

The WorkFit System℠ has been favorably reviewed by the attorney of the Jobs Accommodation Network (JAN), a service agency of the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).  (A copy of the complete system review by JAN will be sent to you upon request. Request JAN Letter)  To-date, more than 33,000 WorkFit℠ evaluations have been performed for companies in Canada and the USA in the years since our launch of The WorkFit System℠  in 2001. OHS Inc. has never been served with a "Failure to Hire", "Wrongful Termination" or any other type lawsuit by a worker (or by their hiring company) as a result of a worker's WorkFit℠ post-offer pre-placement physical evaluation.

If your company's Bottom-Line suffers from a very HIGH frequency of Workers' Compensation claims, The WorkFit System℠ is your very BEST solution!


The WorkFit System℠ Report Pricing:

WorkFit℠ pricing is $45-$39 per evaluation report...a sliding scale based on the number of reports we generate for your company monthly/annually.

  • But, consider this: our special OHS Multiple-Services Client "Flat Rate":  $38 ea.*

*Our Special OHS Multiple-Services Client Flat Rate is $38 per-report price, no matter how "few" reports (no minimum) are done for your company monthly/annually. This rate automatically applies for all of our WorkFit℠ subscribers that also utilize OHS, Inc. for at least "one" of our multiple other workplace services that we provide nationwide - in all 50 states - including employee drug testing, our online OSHA-compliant Respirator Exams, or our online Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion training.

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